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The Difference is the Data

The Richard F. Buhn Company sources bill of lading data from a company that distributes this data from the Automated Manifest System (AMS) and the U.S. Census Bureau to create the summaries described below.  This data provides information about vessel shipments into the U.S. by utilizing ship manifests and other resources. These manifests provide information such as shipper, consignee, arrival dates, quantities and often a complete description of the goods. U.S. Census collects data at the 10 digit Harmonized Tariff Level that includes details on country of origin, the individual ports of entry, as well as values and quantities.  Our particular expertise is combining the details from these and other sources to produce very detailed reports on individual Agrochemical Active Ingredients, as well as Formulated Products and Intermediates

Our Three Main Services

Monthly Import Summary

This is a comprehensive multi-client study that provides a monthly update on imported Agricultural Active Ingredients as well as some Formulated Products.  The information is presented in the form of a searchable Pivot table, or a bound book.  Basic details including country or origin, source, consignee, and quantity in pounds for several hundred pesticide products entering US ports by vessel are included in this report.  It is now available in two formats:

   Traditional:  provides details for each product for the current month, the same month for the previous year, calendar year-to-date as well as the current crop year (July 1 through June 30).

   Updated Format:  provides details for each product for the current month, the same month for the previous year, calendar year-to-date as well as calendar years 2020, 2019, and 2018.

  • This summary is offered as an annual subscription.
  • We can provide historical details on many products in the traditional format from 1984 onward. 

Specific Product Monitoring Service for Imports and Exports

These highly detailed reports provide information for a specific product, be it an Active Ingredient, Formulated Product, or Intermediate. Our particular skill is combining information from Census and AMS to produce reports that track each individual shipment. We use our best efforts to identify the actual producers of the imported materials, as well as the actual consumer, with a detailed analysis of both the customs value as well as the landed duty paid value of the goods.  Our reports also include details of the actual HTS number of the import, and whether or not the importer took advantage of any import programs for which the particular movement might be eligible.

  • This service is offered as an annual subscription. 
  • We are also prepared to perform special projects for a one-time fee. 
  • In addition, we have an enormous amount of historical data that we are prepared to share for a modest fee.

Retrieval of EPA Notices of Arrival

We are prepared to gather this data on your behalf which often can provide additional details on imports of EPA Registered Active Ingredients and Formulated Products.

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